Parents questioning snow day decisions

(WXYZ) - "I am ready for my kids to be back in school," said Stacy Peevy.

Stacy has two kids in Ypsilanti Schools.  She understands why school has been cancelled lately, but wonders if every snow day is necessary. 

As her kids enjoyed a snow day, kids in the neighboring district of Ann Arbor were in class. 

The difference has some parents asking questions.  School leaders say it is all for a good reason.

Scott Menzell is the Superintendent of both Ypsilanti Schools and the Washtenaw Intermediate School District.  He says all the superintendents in the district talk about conditions together when severe weather hits.  He says it may surprise some how different conditions can be from one district to another.

"If you are in a city environment often the roads can be cleared more quickly," said Menzell.

School leaders say that was the scenario Monday.  Ann Arbor's roads were cleared in time for school.  Ypsilanti's more rural roads were not.

In the meantime school leaders are keeping an eye on learning, aiming to make sure students know everything they need to despite these snow days. 

Parents are worried that school will be extended into the summer.  It could happen, but might not. 

Michigan schools are required to provide 170 days of instruction.  They are allowed to cancel up to 6 of those days due to weather or other emergencies per the state, but some schools such as Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti have extra days built into their schedule from the beginning.  They have not yet used up their days.  If they do, it is possible the governor will allow schools an extra "snow day" without cutting into school funding.

"We know this weather has occurred statewide," It is likely that our governor and our leaders in the state will be looking at that," said Jeanice Swift, Ann Arbor Schools Superintendent.

She says the number one focus is safety for students day to day.  Schools then have to adjust as needed to make sure they learn what they need to.

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