Company develops smart business cards that can transfer information with a tap

(WXYZ) - They're like the same old business cards we all know and love-but reinvented.

Touchbase Business Cards could be the way we do business in the future. With one tap, the company says the cards transfer all of your information to your new contact's cell phone.

Just a simple tap of the card to an iPhone screen and  future employers or business partners can reach you instantly-without having to worry about keeping your business card handy.

So-how does it work? The Touchbase Business Cards are apparently embedded with a conductive material that mimics finger touches when tapped on a screen.

It works in conjunction with an iPhone web app that allows for the contact information to be stored.

The neat thing about the business cards is when your information changes, you can manually change it online and your contacts will get a notification.

The company's fundraising page also says that you can track who has tapped your card using their crm tool.

Check out their page here:

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