Company lets users compose digital or paper letters

(WXYZ) - In the digital age, the good ole letter--in a way-- has gone out of style.

But one company is saying enough is enough and they are working to bring back long form communication.

The company is called lettrs and its website lets users write digital letters or paper letters.

What's neat about this is when you first log in, the site takes you to a virtual writing desk.

There you can pick from a variety of letterhead and fonts that fit the purpose of your letter, you can also paperclip photos to your virtual letterhead.

When you're ready to send your letter—you can choose to send it digitally or have it actually mailed through the postal service.

Of course, there is a small fee for this, but the company's mission is all about addressing "the growing problem of shallow and fragmented digital communications."  

You can also write a public letter to the world and browse other people's public written words by topic. 

Another fun tidbit: when someone sends you a digital letter, the link will actually take you to a virtual kitchen counter, so you can have that cozy experience of reading your message. 

Lettrs has also launched a smartphone app, so you can compose letters on the move. 

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