Cross examination of Kevyn Orr continues in bankruptcy court

(WXYZ) - Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr continues tough cross examination in the eligibility trial in bankruptcy court. 

His own words are being played in court to show he was heavy handed with city employees, retirees and creditors leading up to filing for bankruptcy on July 9. 

During a June 10th public meeting, a video clip was played with Orr telling the group that pensions are "sacrosanct" and can not be cut because of the Michigan Constitution but then said he has powerful laws, the Emergency Manager Law and a stronger Chapter 9 Banruptcy Law that he can use. 

The burden of proof is on him and other officials to show Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes that Detroit negotiated in good faith with retirees and creditors.  The issue of whether pensions are protected by the Michigan Constitution is still to be decided. 

AFSCME is the union with the most employees in the City of Detroit and Kevyn Orr admitted he had a note on his office door from them wanting to negotiate concessions, but he passed it off to a staffer and did not hold those talks.  The trial resumes next Monday with Orr still on the stand.  He is the last witness for Detroit. 

Retirees, employees and their experts will then testify to challenge the bankruptcy eligibility.  Judge Rhodes could decide in the middle of November.


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