Crumbling buildings in city of Detroit cause concern

(WXYZ) - Ray Robinson owns a repair shop near an old tire company in Detroit.

A corner of the second floor of that old tire company at Grand River and Ward is sagging under the weight of decay.

"If construction people were to come, I would challenge them to knock that one pillar first and it's like a kickstand," said Robinson. "Once that pillar is gone, that corner is coming down because there's cracks on both sides of it."

Robinson, who lives with his family next door to his repair shop, says he worries about his children and others walking or driving by the vacant building as the cracks continue to grow.

"They used to play on that side of the street, but I don't allow them to do that anymore because it's so dangerous," said Robinson.

A block away, there's another dangerous building with another crumbling corner that some fear will collapse.

"There's a lot of traffic on Grand River...the vibration alone shakes these buildings," said Lynn Keezer.

The city of Detroit says they just don't have the money to demolish the old tire company and many of the other crumbling buildings. We've learned that the city actually ordered the tire company to be demolished in 2004.


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