Customizable smartphone concept would be made of detachable blocks

(WXYZ) - With gadgets, you know we're always looking for the next big thing.

Well, that urge to have the latest and greatest has us creating a lot of digital waste around the world. 

Now one concept is working to eliminate all of that waste with a customizable phone made up of detachable blocks. Think of it as a Lego phone...that works. 

The concept, called Phonebloks, was created by Dave Hakkens. 

The phone would consist of a base that connects all the other pieces together. So, if you love photography, you could buy a better block for your camera, or if you want a faster phone, you could upgrade the block that controls speed.

The Phonebloks' website says electrical signals would be transferred through the pins and screws that lock everything in place.

Hakkens wants to get the word out about the concept to grab the attention of tech companies. He's asking the public to spread the word about phone blocks on social media on October 29—through a service called Thunderclap.

If you decide to support the cause, Thunderclap will send out a statement through your social media channels about Phonebloks.

Harkken says on the Phonebloks' website that raising money for the concept is not his goal—right now he's hoping to get the right people and companies working together on this. 

For more on Phonebloks, go here:

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