CycleBar's high-energy workout classes fuse technology and cycling

Posted: 8:20 AM, Aug 05, 2016
Updated: 2016-08-05 17:00:35Z

As the summer winds down, more people will be headed inside to exercise—and if you're a fan of cycling, technology and techno beats, CycleBar might become your go-to workout destination.

Each studio houses what the company calls the Cycle Theatre with 50 Schwinn Carbon Blue bikes, a rocking sound system and video displays.

The workouts are billed as high energy and an "intoxicating fusion of mind, body and music."

Nicole Yoder, an instructor or CycleStar at the Royal Oak location, joined us in our studio to chat about the workout. 

"We want you to think of it more like a rock and roll concert, to take you off of the monotonous workout," said Yoder. 

Riders get free amenities including shoes, a water bottle and snacks. The bikes come equipped with a system that keeps track of CycleStats aka different measurements of your performance.

"CycleStats is going to measure your six metrics of performance...your heart rate, your calories, your watts, your speed, your distance, your RPMs." 

After class, Yoder says the stats are then directly emailed to you so you can save your progress over time. You'll also get a playlist of the CycleBeats you heard during class.

The Michigan locations include Royal Oak , Northville and Troy . All you have to do is sign up and pick a package. CycleBar has class packages for purchase as opposed to membership contracts. 

If you're new to CycleBar, you can snag a free intro session and a package of three rides for $29 at certain locations. 

Troy: Free CycleBlast rides through August 7. 

Northville: Free CycleBlast rides August 18-28.

Royal Oak: Class sign-up information here.