Dangerous driving across metro Detroit

(WXYZ) - The snow took drivers like Wayne Hillyard by surprise Wednesday night because it was so deceiving.

"You can't tell, you know," said Wayne. "You'll go for sections that are not too bad in shape and then hit spots that were totally unmanageable."

The person that hit Hillyard couldn't slow down.  No one got hurt, but both vehicles were damaged.

"There were spots where there was black ice almost and you'd lose traction and you keep hoping you'd go straight," said Hillyard. 

But lots of cars went sideways.  M-14 west had its fair share of spin outs and I-696 was no better.  Pick a side, eastbound or westbound, and it was nothing but tow trucks and crashed cars. 

It didn't seem to matter where you were Wednesday night or which county you were in, you likely saw flashing blue and red emergency lights as drivers tried to navigate during rush hour and get home safely.  

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