Hazardous light pole hangs over Division near Eastern Market

(WXYZ) - If you are driving down Division near Eastern Market, you would never notice a hazardous pole ready to crash down at any second. 

Its base is rusted out, but it is covered in weeds.

An anonymous tipster told 7 Action News about the dangerous pole which is posted over a bridge in the industrial section of Eastern Market. 

Karen Gregory owns Greenbrier Foods, a fundraising company down the street. She says the light pole doesn't even work.

She, too, worries about what could happen.

"Being that flimsy, it's going to be a hazard to somebody," said Gregory. "When the wind blows like it has the past couple of days and knocks over, someone could be dangerously hurt."

Taking action for those who work in the area and those who drive on the bridge, we called the city of Detroit.

A spokesperson for the mayor told 7 Action News they will get a crew there as soon as possible to inspect the pole and fix the problem.

"We would like for the city to come by to either make it a true stable light or to take it down," said Gregory.

7 Action News will stay on the case and bring you the latest.

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