Dangers of e-cigarettes, what's really in the vapor?

(WXYZ) - A number of people are turning to a popular alternative to smoking.

Surely you have seen the e-cigarette, or maybe wondered what that blue light on a black stick is that people puff.

With several states considering a ban of electronic cigarettes, we wondered what really is in the smoke.

There are no long-term health studies on electronic cigarette vapor, so we spoke to some of the leading researchers on e-cigarettes.

They say it heats up a mixture of nicotine, proplynegycal and other chemicals. That heated mix becomes an aerosol, which is inhaled deeply into your lungs to deliver nicotine.

Some say there is also tin and or copper in the smoke, and if you are around someone smoking e-cigarettes you are breathing in ultra fine particles and nicotine.

Supporters say e-cigarettes are only 10 to 20 percent as polluting as tabacco cigarettes. They are quickly becoming the cigarette of the 21st century.


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