DDOT installs surveillance bus cameras

(WXYZ) - After 7 Action News exposed danger on DDOT buses, the city is taking action to solve the problem. 

"We're going to solve that problem of violence so no one should be afraid to go to work. We must do everything we can to protect the employees that work for us, that includes bus drivers," says Detroit Chief Operating Officer Gary Brown.

So smile if you're a friendly passenger or at least mind your manners.

"We know one big thing that will reduce a lot of problems on the buses is to put people on camera. Put them on Channel 7," says Brown.

Fifty buses with be outfitted by the end of the year. The rest will be set by Spring. Each bus is getting a minimum of eight cameras.

The work is not done yet. We'll stay on this story until we see a police presence on buses as well.

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