Local man starts petition to have Justin Beiber deported

(WXYZ) - Pop star Justin Bieber isn't feeling much love in Motown these days. The troubled performer is now named in a petition to be deported.

The metro Detroit man behind it all says it's not about the Bieb's music.

Love him or hate him, pop star Justin Bieber is everywhere.

His fans can't seem to get enough his critics are also growing by the second. Roger Kryzinski is the creator of the Deport Justin Bieber Petition.

He's got more than 200,000 signed up on  http://www.whitehouse.gov/ to have Bieber booted out of the country.

That's far more people than the number that signed up to pardon NSA leaker Edward Snowden who is now hiding in Russia. 

The Bieber petition started a week ago and has even blown away it's creator who says "200 thousand people, is that it? It's literally the biggest petition on http://www.whitehouse.gov/ right now. Let's get as many as we can. Let's get a couple million if we can. It's about making the president talk about it."

Roger who works for a Detroit family business dealing in auto parts says Bieber's career can only be salvaged if he cleans up his act.

That goes for other big names who's behavior also doesn't work in their favor.

"Miley Cyrus, and Kanye West...the actions they partake in outside of work. Kids see that and try to emulate that" says Roger.

But-- make no mistake-- the Canadian born Bieber's mug isn't going anywhere yet.

The White House still hasn't commented. The petition signup will close in 3 weeks.

We wanted to ask the Bieber camp if he thought he's worn out his welcome here in the United States, but so far we've received no response. 

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