Domestic violence incident reports in Michigan

(WXYZ) - Three disturbing and deadly cases of domestic violence in just one day prompted our team to look into the reports of cases per year. 

According to documents from the State Police Michigan Incident Crime Reporting system there are tens of thousands of cases a year.

And  the incidents run the gambit from violent homicides to cases where there were no physical injuries at all.

According to the records, there were over 95,000 cases of domestic violence reported to police in 2011, the most recent year that statistics are available.

Of those 95,000, more than a third involved a boyfriend/girlfriend or former boyfriend/girlfriend and 101 were fatal.

When you break it down by sex, the vast majority of victims are women. About 68,000 victims were women and more than 26,000 victims were men.

The largest group of offenders and victims are in their 20's.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, visit for help or call their Crisis Support Line at (248)334-1274.

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