Donations needed for tortured kitten

(WXYZ) - A local animal non-profit is asking for the public's help to provide medical treatment for a 7-month-old kitten that suffered severe burns over half of her body.

The cat, named Hope, was found near a dumpster in Inkster about 2 weeks ago with severe burns on its back and sides. An 85-year-old resident took the cat home and tried to care for her, but the burns were too severe, so she brought her to Tail Wagger's 1990.

"In my 25 years of doing animal rescue and helping animals in need, this is by far the most severe, sadistic, and sickening animal cruelty that I have ever seen.  Whoever would get their thrills out of torturing a cat like this needs to be punished" said Tail Wagger's Founder Laura Zain. 

 "I just wanted to cry. Who would do something like that?" says Tracy Howard, vet tech supervisor at Sheehy Animal Hospital.

A veterinarian said that it appeared Hope was tortured by someone who set her on fire. The non-profit stepped in to put forward the money for surgery. 

Hope has already had the surgery and is expected to survive, but will have ongoing medical expenses. 

"We're not gonna stop until we can show her what's life's really all about," says Zain.

You can donate to help Hope by calling the Tail Wagger's office at  734-855-4077 or through their website at

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