Donna Scrivo donated SUV after she was seen tossing body parts from vehicle in St. Clair

(WXYZ) - The evidence is building against 59-year-old Donna Scrivo. She's charged with dismembering the body of her 32- year-old son, Ramsay, and moving his body from where he was allegedly killed. 

On Tuesday, a judge increased Scrivo's bond to $250,000 full cash as St. Clair Shores Police build a case of premeditated murder. The murder charge is expected to be filed after toxicology results are back in the autopsy of Ramsay.  

The timeline and paper trail are likely more than coincidental. 

On Monday, January 27, Donna reported Ramsay missing. That same day she called Mother Waddles Car Donation program to donate a Ford Focus. 

"So, I think there's more to this story. She actually gave Mother Waddles two cars" says Rick Frazier of Mother Waddles.

On Thursday afternoon, witnesses saw Donna Scrivo tossing bags containing body parts out the window of her Chevy Blazer. 

At 5:05 p.m. that same day, Thursday, she called Mother Waddles again to donate a Chevy Blazer. The documents show it was a "rush" to be picked up after noon the next day. 

State records also show Donna transferred the title of the Blazer from her late husband's name to her name that Friday morning. 

Police took both vehicles in with search warrants and told the court where Donna is charged that Donna admitted to being in the area where the body parts were dumped, and that Ramsay's blood was found inside the Blazer. 

Having cars donated and connected to a murder investigation is new for Mother Waddles with more than two decades in the car donation business.

"In order to help low income families that need transportation," Frazier said.

The Macomb County Prosecutor's Office also released information that Donna Scrivo owned a home in St. Clair Shores valued at $150,000, but last summer she received two insurance payments for $175,000 and withdrew $8,100 from her bank four days before her arrest.

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