Don't let your smartphone ruin your Valentine's Day

(WXYZ) - Can you say a cellphone's ever gotten in the way of a special date or time with your loved one? MetroPCS is proposing people take the #SaveYourDate pledge on Facebook and turn off their phones between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Valentine's Day.

The phone company suggests the following to spice up the romance Feb. 14:

  • Cool it with the camera: Live in the moment instead of snapping tons of photos. Spare the red velvet martini shot and capture one with your date instead.
  • Turn off the "Heat": We know it's LeBron vs. Kevin on Valentine's Day, but let's be honest, you won't score if you keep checking the score.
  • Wine and dine: We're all about value, but no date wants to see you searching your email for coupons, so go big on Valentine's Day and save the coupons for later.
  • Be original: Nothing says "Last-Minute Gift" like conversation hearts or you with a rose in your mouth. Take time to find a truly thoughtful gift for your honey.
  • Stick with the status quo: There are few humiliations worse than being dumped on Valentine's Day, but one might be seeing your relationship status on Facebook changed to "single". At least wait until the next day.
  • Share post-date highlights: We know you're excited to bust out your phone to post and tweet photos of flowers, announce an engagement, or that cute Valentine's card, but at least wait until the date is over.


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