Dos and Don'ts: How to save time and money shopping this Black Friday

(WXYZ) - We're helping you maximize your shopping experience and minimize stress this Black Friday.

We looked through Black Friday guides online and talked to the experts to put together a list of tips for shoppers.

First, be sure to plan ahead.

Wear comfortable shoes and layer your outfit, so if you have to park far away from an entrance, you'll be warm walking in and can shed layers once you get inside.

Second, make a list of what you want to buy and plan a route. This will save you time and you won't have to backtrack to a store you may have missed.

Third, do your homework.

"I think you should look at the ads online before you go out and shop," said David Schimeck, property manager of Green Oak Village Place in Brighton. "Do your research and then hit the stores that you know are having good sales."

He also recommends taking frequent breaks for water and snacks. Green Oak Village is one of a few shopping centers around town that have been giving out Black Friday survival kits all week. They include water, 5-Hour Energy and hand sanitizer.

Once you get inside the store, you may want to head to the back first. Experts say stores tend to put items with the biggest discounts in the back, so shoppers have to walk through the entire store to find what they need.

If you're hoping to stick to your budget this year, you'll want to avoid checking out the items placed at the end of aisles. Experts say those items are designed to catch your eye and prompt you to make an impulsive purchase.

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