D'Mongos, local synagogue hit by graffiti taggers in Detroit, businessman attacked

DETROIT (WXYZ) - "Boom. Boom. Boom" is what Larry Mongo heard on the roof before he went to go see what was happening. The owner of Cafe D'Mongo's Speakeasy says he was then run over by a man on a bicycle as he checked things out.

Mongo say he was then assaulted by both that man and another who was with him as the two fled the rooftop of his bar in downtown Detroit's Capitol Park.

It's believed the two unidentified men were spray-painting the side of the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue next door. 

Mongo, 63, says a third man who was with the others fled by jumping from the second-story rooftop onto a dumpster.

Mongo talked to 7 Action News about what happened and about his frustration as some young graffiti taggers seem to be vandalizing occupied buildings more and more.

Watch Mongo and Anna Kohn, the Executive Director of the synagogue, later today on 7 Action News.

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