Duggan to prioritize police response time, street lights and blight

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit Mayor-Elect Mike Duggan laid out his plans for the future at a forum on the Wayne State University campus Tuesday.

Duggan laid out three priorities for his first year; improve police response time, repair street lights, and level abandoned homes.

That was just a fraction of the topics Duggan covered at the Detroit News Forum on Public Policy. The mayor-elect told the crowd turnarounds begin only when you accept reality for what it is.

In one example, Duggan made reference to budgeting Detroit's fire department, pointing out 80 percent of its calls are for abandoned buildings. Duggan's elaborated by saying if you want to help the fire department, you've got to solve the issue of blight. This was just one example of how systemic Detroit's problems are in the eyes of the mayor-elect.

"You see, the problem is it is very difficult in any short term situation to hire a consultant to take on one issue." said Duggan, "The truth is the entire basic infrastructure of the city is broken. The HR system does not work. The IT system does not work. Most of the financial systems do not work."

Duggan hopes his time as mayor is judged by the population growth of Detroit. He says from day one, every single decision he makes will be geared toward growing the population. Duggan says those numbers will not rise until major changes are made in the way citizens are offered basic services.

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