Dundee woman survives New Hampshire avalanche

(WXYZ) - Stephanie White was one of 12 experienced climbers ascending on Mt. Washington in New Hampshire when they were buried by snow during an avalanche last week.

The group was heading toward the Summit Observatory to make a documentary. There was a moderate avalanche hazard that day-- and just before nightfall it happened.

"The whole gully let loose from the top all the way down," said White.  "It broke loose deep in the snow layers and it slid on an ice layer."

White told 7 Action News it was a full blown avalanche.

"There was a point where the avalanche snow hit me in the face and it started going up and over my head," said White. "I couldn't hold on any longer and then I was pulled backwards in the snow."

After being buried by snow, her team of all trained montaineers made it out safely. Some climbers were injured, but
White is grateful everyone lived.

"It didn't hurt.  It wasn't cold," said White.  "It was sort of this surreal falling backwards kind of thing."

White told 7 Action News the group will still make the documentary and she will continue on the mountain climb.

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