Fake cop caught in Fowlerville

(WXYZ) - When a group of students in the Fowlerville area walked to their after school hang out in Centennial Park on Wednesday, they weren't expecting to encounter a fake cop. 

"He was wearing in all black and a boots and a badge," said 17-year-old Tyler Jacobs.

Posing as a federal agent, the man noticed a 19-year-old was smoking a cigarette. 

Several teens told 7 Action News he began asking them to see their identification.  He started with the 19-year-old's ID.

"He grabbed his phone and started taking pictures of them and everything and I was like ‘What are you taking pictures of my friend's ID for?'  and he was like ‘because I'm a cop and I think they're fake,"  said student Anna Carusone.

"He picked up his cell phone and acted as if he was calling in a warrant check on the individual," said Chief Tom Couling at the Fowlerville Police Department.

According to the students who were there, the man then asked them if they had any drugs.

They told 7 Action News at one point he threatened to call in a K-9 to determine if they did.

Feeling harassed, a few of the teens tracked down Chief Couling and another officer who was nearby.

"We asked them if they could come out and see if he was actually a real cop," said Carusone.

"I asked him if he was a real police officer," said Chief Couling.  "He indicated that he was I asked him for some identification and he attempted to flee, indicating that his id was at home with his mother.  He attempted to flee the scene.  I then grabbed onto him."

Police say the man's name is Matthew Henry Norton.  He was arraigned Friday afternoon.

Chief Couling told 7 Action News he has stayed with his story and kept saying he was in law enforcement.

"It was actually pretty scary even though he didn't threaten us.  It was really weird and scary," said Carusone.  "I think it was more creepy."

Norton now faces a couple of charges including Impersonating A Police Officer.

If convicted he could spend two years in prison.

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