Family looks for answers as to why their mother's body hasn't been cremated

(WXYZ) - Imagine: your loved one dies. You think they have been cremated. Only weeks later, you discover their body in the garage of the funeral home.

Sirwan Jackson's mother passed away Christmas Day and the family chose Andrews and Hardy Funeral Home to handle the arrangements. They had a memorial service, said their goodbyes, then, Jackson discovered his mother's body in the funeral home's garage.

Jackson and his family gathered together on January 2 to pay their respects, and because their mother wanted to be cremated, they thought the urn contained her ashes.

But it didn't-- and their mother, Reynelda Jackson Bandari, still hasn't been cremated.  Jackson didn't find this out until he went in to file paperwork in mid-January.

7 Action News learned that Jackson's mother hasn't been cremated yet because the family has an outstanding bill. According to Jackson, he was trying to work with the funeral home, until they told him they would drop off his mother's remains free of charge.

"I said are you serious, bring my mother's dead body back to me, what am I supposed to do with her dead body," Jackson said.

Employees at the funeral home say Jackson's mother's body is still at the funeral home and has been embalmed, but wouldn't say if it was in the garage. The outstanding bill is around $850‚Äč.

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