Family, neighbors react to fatal fire that kills two young boys on Detroit's northwest side

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The investigation into the cause of a Detroit house fire that killed young brothers continues as loved ones build a makeshift memorial for the young victims.

Arson investigators are inside the home on the city's northwest side a day after a fire. Outside, scores of neighbors and loved ones leave gifts and prayers by the home.

"It shows me love.," said family friend Michael Smith, "Shows love from the community. It shows whole lot of love."

It's the kind of love bringing neighbors and loved ones together to mourn the loss of two brothers, ages four and one. The flowers, toys, and balloons are a colorful contrast to what the blaze leaves behind.

"Every time I think about it, it's sad," said Smith, "It really is."

On Friday, the father of the victims spoke to 7 Action News, saying he left his sons home alone to visit friends across the street. One witness said he may have seen men throwing something into the home's window. Bianca Robinson, a cousin of the boys' mother, says the mother remains in jail on a probation violation.

"And I hope that they find something so that they can figure out what's going on." said Robinson, "I just want her to get some answers so she can know what's going on."

Investigators say they have not found any evidence that something was thrown into the home, pointing out most of the windows were covered with chicken wire. Their focus is on a dining room on the first floor, where a space heater stands.

"It's a sad affair." said Smith, "This is a personal friend of mine. But it's devastating."

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