Fans watch their teams practice at the Palace

(WXYZ) - The excitement could be felt inside and outside of the Palace of Auburn Hills as both the University of Michigan and Michigan State University  fans watched their favorite teams practice.

They also wanted to show the players their support.

"I'm a huge fan of Trey Burke and the rest of them," said Michigan fan Akiem Gardner. "John Beilien is a great coach."

Stacy Krynski, the mother of a freshman at Michigan State, stopped by practice to see the players because she will not be able to make it to the game on Thursday. 

"I've got my earrings on," said Krynski.  "My boa and my socks and my car has the flag of course. I was out at the Final Four a few years ago and I thought I would come today."

 March Madness was last held in the metro Detroit area in 2009. 

"March Madness is always a lot of fun," said Michigan State fan Mike Walker.  "There's a lot of excitement around here.  It's great to be in Auburn Hills."

"Every year we take a bunch of time off work and watch all of the games in the first round so to have it on site at auburn hills is really nice to be able to come out here and watch in person," said Michigan fan Mark Flemming.

Many fans know it is highly unlikely the two will play each other in the championship, but they do have their predictions.

"The goal this year is final four for sure and then the National Championship," said Michigan State fan Glenn Crozk. "Awesome for sure!"

"We're going to win this round and we're going to go to the Final Four," said Michigan fan Jason Lauterbach.   "State is going to lose on Thursday and Ohio state is going to lose for all of the other Michigan fans out there."

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