Father delivers own baby, thanks first responders who helped after delivery

(WXYZ) - Aubrey Webber is a quiet baby now, but on February 11, she made her debut into the world in a very dramatic way.

Her mother Jocelyn Webber knew she was ready to be born around 9 a.m. that day.  Her husband Kyle was at work, so she called him and told him she was in labor and needed to get to the hospital.

Kyle Webber told 7 Action News he was getting ready put clothes in the minivan we they realized it was too late to get to the hospital.

"By the time I got in the house she had told me the baby was coming," said Kyle Webber.

He knew it would have to be him who would deliver the baby girl until help arrived.

"Called 911 and the dispatcher Eric walked him through want to do," said Jocelyn Webber.  "So he grabbed some towels and the firefighters and EMTs were on their way."

Little Aubrey was delivered quickly.

"I delivered the baby-- the firefighters and the EMTs kind of walked in the door at the same time," said Kyle Webber. "The baby was on the ground at the same time."

"By the time we got our bag open, the baby was delivered--he lowered her to the ground and got the suction stuff out and suctioned her nose and mouth and got the cord clamped," said Lieutenant Scott Basar at the Chelsea Fire Department."

The mom and baby were all healthy.

The Webbers wanted to share their story with 7 Action News to let them know how grateful they are to the first responders who helped after Aubrey was brought into the word.

"I wanted thank Scott, Eric, and Bill and the EMTs Dan and Mike for their exemplary service and for the dispatcher Eric who really walked Kyle through a quick, speedy situation," said Jocelyn Webber.

"I have an 11-month-old myself and my Lieutenant has two kids of own too. It wasn't entirely foreign territory to us," said Bill Regnier, the other firefighter from the Chelsea Fire Department who responded to the call.

The firefighters told 7 Action News what happened on February 11 is rare, but it something they will remember forever.

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