FATHER'S DAY MESSAGES: Tell us why your dad is the best dad ever!

(WXYZ) - Think you have the best dad in the world? Give your dad a special shout-out this Father's Day!

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From Michele Gibson Pierson:


My father, Eugene Gibson, has been gone for 23 years. Not a day goes by that I'm not grateful for what a loving, kind and compassionate man he was; he taught me how to be the person I am today. His last gift to me was the last day of his life - of all the places he could've gone and things he could have done, he came to my house and spent six glorious hours with me. He left with a smile and a wave; that night he had a sudden massive heart attack and died in his bed. That last golden day is etched in my mind, the most priceless gift a father could give a daughter who adored him. I miss him so, but because of him raising us all in the church, I know I will see him again in Heaven.

From AngelaNicoleArbitter:
Happy Fathers day to my inspiration and hero! Although 2 of your children are states away from you on this fathers day I want you to know you are infinitely close at heart. You have shown me the meaning of truly unconditional love. You loved me when I least deserved it and rejected it the most. You would give up anything in this world for your family and children; something you prove on a daily basis. You are my absolute inspiration and the love you have shown to your family will continue on to be shown to my future family. Thank you for 23 years of supporting me through this crazy life! You are my hero and will always be the best man in my life!

From Chrissy Halcomb:

Happy Fathers day to my dad Jerry Ledl , you are the most loving giving understanding father anyone could ever have. You do a lot for people mainly through your outreach ministry that feeds and clothes the homeless and less fortunate... you are my hero and role model for my children to live up to. I love you more than you will ever know. Happy Father's Day.

From Sherry Zeiger:

Happy Father's Day dad. Four years ago you lost your son very suddenly and I know that this is something that you will never forget, I know that this was a big loss for you. Yet despite that you have been there for me when I had hip replacement and bre ast cancer surgery. You even met me when I had radiation. There is not one night that goes by that you don't talk. Not only have you been there for me but are there for mom and your grandchildren. Love you dad and happy Father's Day!

From Sarah Anthony Vickstrom :

My Dad passed away 11 years ago and I miss him every day!

From Roger Angeles:

I idolize my father like nobody else's business. He was the source of wisdom for me, caring for somebody in need, helping those in distress, providing assistance in difficult situations, available for leadership, education was his forte all the way. Education to him was a continuing process, in short my father is forever in my mind in hard times and good times. How I wish he was with me when I am enjoying a scrumptious meal. I know he will be willing help anyone, anytime, any place, any how.

From Jarad Ward:

My father went before his time-- he wasn't a big wig in the world, but he was my father. There isn't anything he didn't do to make sure I had all I wanted and all I needed, I wasn't always a good son, but dad, God rest your soul-- you were always a great dad. It feels like just the other day I was looking over at you and looking at the man I hope to one day become. You have only been gone a short time and people tell me it will stop hurting but it hasn't yet not even a little!!! The thing that keeps me going is knowing that you and mom are together once again, holding hands looking into one another's eyes which brings me so much joy. So I guess the only reason I have that my father WAYNE RICHARD JANZ is the best dad ever because he was my father. R.I.P dad we all miss you I don't think a person that even met you once was crushed by your passing.






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