FBI Special Agent in Charge Paul Abbate sits down with WXYZ to talk about his new job

(WXYZ) - In his first sit down interview since beginning the new job, FBI Special Agent in Charge Paul Abbate tells 7 Action News he's happy to be here.

"I'm super excited to be here and come here most recently from Washington D.C. It really for all of us is about helping people. To protect people and keep people safe," said Abbate.  

Abbate is a dedicated and experienced crime fighter who's quickly developing a love for the Motor City. He says that the state is beautiful and the office and people are great. 

"It's one of the things that attracted me to the office and to put myself forward for the assignment," said Abbate. 

Abbate has worked in various roles at the FBI. He's spent years fighting terrorism and locking up corrupt politicians. His assignment have sent him all over the country and the world.

In Detroit, he will prioritize investigations into civil rights violations and hate crimes telling us "if hate crimes are occurring, if civil rights violations are occurring, we want the public to trust us and feel comfortable to report that."

The newcomer with a national security background is already well-versed in many high profile Detroit cases such as the failed Christmas Day terror attack and the Kilpatrick criminal enterprise. As for community outreach, he is eager to engage the different community groups we have. He's looking forward to meeting with various leaders and hearing the concerns of citizens.

On a lighter note, you might soon se him sitting in the stand at a Detroit Lions or Red Wings game. He's a huge sports fan.

"What a great sports town it is. And how passionate how people are. Both within the city and state at the college and professional level," said Abbate.  

Abbate also plans to try a Detroit Coney dog in the near future. Perhaps, during a meeting with Detroit's police chief.

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