Fight continues against film piracy, night-vision goggles suggested for ushers

(WXYZ) - Don't be surprised if the usher at the next movie you attend looks a little bit like a spy sporting night vision goggles.

That's just one of the techniques the Motion Picture Association of America is recommending to prevent illegal recordings of movies on the big screen.

In addition to the night vision goggles and low light binoculars, the latest version of the association's list of Best Practices to Prevent Film Theft also suggests random bag and jacket checks.

Theater employees are also being asked to pay attention for unusual behavior, like anyone wearing a heavy coat in warm weather or carrying shopping bags.

Theater employees are eligible for $500 rewards if they call the police on illegal filming.

The memo also asks that the employees even be aware of each other --keeping an eye on the friends of the staff.

The theft of copyrighted films costs the U.S. entertainment industry billions of dollars in revenue each year.

View the full memo below: 

Best Practices to Prevent Film Theft

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