European film crew visits Cryonics Institute in Clinton Twp. to document freezing of dead bodies

(WXYZ) - There are more than 100 frozen bodies in a Clinton Township facility. Could these people be brought back to life in the future?

A European film team is shooting a documentary that will partially cover cryonics in Clinton Township.

Cryonics is the practice of deep-freezing bodies of people who have died of a disease. The idea is that the participants--who are frozen at a temperature so low that it stops their physical decay--would be brought back to life if a cure for their illness was discovered.

As soon as a person is declared dead, the patient is infused with a substance to prevent ice formation, cooled to an extremely low temperature and maintained in liquid nitrogen, according to the Cryonics Institute's website.

Petrolio Productions is filming at the Cryonics Institute in Clinton Township until August 3, trying to capture "ways that people around the world try to make a better future and better lives."

The Cryonics Institute has around 115 "patients" from all around the globe--it is billed as the largest cryogenics facility in the world.

According to the institute's website, the minimum cost for cryopreservation at their facility is $28,000. They noted that costs can exceed $200,000 at other locations.

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