Hear Charles Pugh's testimony from video deposition in sexting civil trial

(WXYZ) Detroit - For the first time, viewers are hearing Charles Pugh's hours-long testimony in his high profile sexting trial.

The video deposition was key in the civil case. Pugh elected not to attend the trial in person, so his testimony was done on tape.

Monday, a jury awarded Pugh's accuser, the plaintiff, $250,000.

The jury found guilt on the issue of battery and infliction of emotional distress. The plaintiff was seeking a $1.5 million judgment. However, he also got a $350,000 settlement from Detroit Public Schools.

Last week, jurors heard from the now 20-year-old man who alleged Pugh offered him money in exchange for sex tapes when he was an 18 year old high school senior.

Watch the testimony in the video player above.

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