Flu hits southeast MI hard

(WXYZ) - The flu is striking southeast Michigan with a vengeance.

This strain of flu, H1N1, is the same strain that wreaked havoc on millions back in 2010.

When the flu strikes, most of us turn first to our primary care physician who may prescribe Tamiflu.

Dr. Katie Dobratz is an emergency room physician at Harper Hospital in Detroit. Her prescription for *most* people is that "they need to rest, drink lots of fluids take Motrin and Tylenol for the symptoms. They don't necessarily need to come into the emergency room."

But that's where Melinda Buechler found herself Sunday.

She is one of the extreme cases of what happens when you don't listen to your body.

 "Four days ago was the last time I ate," said Melinda. "I noticed i was losing my appetite and stuff like that..having bathroom problems."

Now, she's been in the hospital for more than 48 hours.

Not able to eat, not able to drink, Melinda was diagnosed with the flu.

"Their symptoms tend to vary and range most do come in runny nose, cough, fevers and chills and body aches," said Dr. Dobratz. 

Buechler agrees with body aches.

"I've been throwing up and having all kinds of aches and body pains and stuff like that," said Melinda. "The whole nine yards."

And with this strain of flu that's already proven fatal, the doctor says the chief complaint she's received from patients is upper respiratory symptoms and difficulty in breathing.

But she has fair warning for some out there that may have symptoms: treat them immediately.

Symptoms that should prompt a visit to the emergency room include problems catching their breath, trouble sleeping and a constant cough. 


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