Foodini the 3D printer could help prepare dinner

(WXYZ) - T hink preparing dinner is a hassle? What if you could just print it out?

The Foodini 3D printer can get your meal oven-ready without all the hard work. 
A company called Natural Machines created the printer and they say it encourages home cooking but doesn't replace it.
Foodini helps people manage the difficult or time consuming parts of cooking. The printer can apparently roll pasta dough, fill ravioli and even create chocolate 3D shapes.
A spokesperson for Natural Machines tells 7 Action News in an email that all a user has to do is prepare the fresh ingredients and load them into the capsules in the Foodini. The 3D printer then prints your selected recipe.
Now the Foodini doesn't actually cook the food, but it can get it ready, so all you have to do is basically throw it in the oven.
The 3D food printer will be available in mid 2014 and cost around $1,300. 

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