Former Michigan residents now living in Boston area talk of lockdown and search for second suspect

BOSTON (WXYZ) - " This is our city. This is our home. It's so weird that this is happening," said M ichigan State University Graduate Suzanne Paxton who now lives in Boston and spent the day at home on lockdown.

As the s earch for the second bombing suspect continue d, Action News talked to some former Michigan residents who now call the Boston area home.

Opal Williams and her husband, Dr. David Williams, a professor at Harvard University are from Ann Arbor and now reside near Watertown where the search for the second suspect intensified Friday morning.

"It's really serious. They don't want anyone on the roads," said Opal Williams who also told Action News that a funeral they were supposed to attend Friday had to be canceled.

By late Friday afternoon, hours after thousands of people in the Boston area were told to remain in their homes, the search continued with Dr. David Williams growing worrisome about nightfall, telling Action News "I would have thought by now they would have arrested the suspect that they are looking for."

So many people now just hoping and praying that no other innocent lives are lost.

"I just want life to go back to normal," added Paxton who said she hopes that the bombings don't keep people away from their beloved city or the Boston Marathon in 2014.

"So, make sure you come to Boston."


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