Former state treasurer Andy Dillon still cashing in

(WXYZ) - Andy Dillon has been controversial in the past and it looks like history is repeating itself. His time he's making headlines for still making what amounts to 6 figures even though he's off the job. His new role involves consulting for his replacement.

"A transitional period is ok so long as he is really helping the incoming treasurer get up to speed on what's a big job. If it goes on too long taxpayers will say we don't need to treasurers" says 7 Action News Editorial Director Chuck Stokes.

Dillon began consulting Nov 1 and is scheduled to be in that role for 3-4 months total. The full cost is roughly $45,000. Some are still sore over his sudden departure Oct 11 from being the point man on Detroit Finance. 

Stokes says "If you went into the private sector, you will probably pay that for a consulting fee and perhaps a whole lot more. I think the key question is if Andy Dillon is really doing a consultants job and is he down there on a frequent basis helping the new treasurer learn the job."

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