FOUND: Photos lost inside Comerica Park on a memory card returned to the family who dropped them

Davisburg, MI (WXYZ) - At TigerFest, you get to meet your favorite Tigers player, get their autograph, and take pictures with them.  The last thing you want to do is lose the memory card to your camera.

But that is exactly what happened to a family who dropped the memory card somewhere inside of Comerica Park last month during the popular event.  

There were dozens of pictures on the card, everything from Tigers games to family vacations, and other memorable events. The pictures were thought to be lost forever.  Then, two Michigan State University students found the card on the floor of the Tigers Clubhouse as they waited in line to take pictures with the players.

Sarah Robinson and Ryan Tureff found the card. Robinson emailed 7 Action News one of the pictures from the card and asked our help in finding the family.

We posted the family's picture on our website at and our Facebook page. Within minutes of posting the picture, viewers started to respond. After 45 minutes, a viewer called us with the family's name. They are the Westerman family.   

We called the Westermans and put them in touch with Robinson who was able to return the pictures.

"I was really surprised. It's hilarious that within 45 minutes of you posting it on your site I was getting all these Facebooks to me and I got a few calls," said Todd Westerman.  He never dreamed he would see the family pictures again.

"You never think you're going to get it back. That thing is so small you don't think anyone is actually going to pick it up and email someone at the news about it," said Westerman.

Todd's wife Laura had the memory card in her bag as a backup when it fell out.

"I was so happy that someone was kind enough to go through all that effort to return this," said Laura Westerman. It was a year's worth of priceless family memories that they got back.

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