Fox 2 Reporter Charlie LeDuff accused of urinating in public and biting a security guard

(WXYZ) - He describes his TV reporting as "off the chain" and now there are allegations that Fox 2 reporter Charlie LeDuff was off the chain in his personal life.

The 7 Action News team has obtained a police report that indicates that LeDuff urinated in public, insulted female police officers, got into a brawl, and bit a security guard who tried to break it up.

7 Action News Investigator Bill Proctor has talked to people from Sunday's St. Patrick's Day parade where it all happened. He also talked to LeDuff, who admits that he and his brother were involved in a fight at a private party Sunday afternoon.

But LeDuff's story is a lot different than what we were told by the security guard, who says LeDuff bit him, and what is written in the Detroit Police report.

"It was a vicious assault, totally unprovoked by anyone," says Linda Bernard, a lawyer speaking for the security guard, who says he was bitten by LeDuff.

The police report says the trouble started just as the St. Patrick's Day parade in Corktown was coming to an end. The report also says that witnesses saw LeDuff urinating on the street.

One day after the parade, we talked to LeDuff, who says he was not sure where it happened, but he admits that it did happen.

"No, I think I was behind the tent, possibly, I don't know," says LeDuff. "I'll have to see a picture. I don't think so, no reason to get your head stomped."

Asked if there was public urination, LeDuff then said, "I don't know to be honest. I don't know."

When asked if he had too much to drink, LeDuff said, "Probably."

The security guard does not want to be identified, but says he was hired to provide security for a private tent party at Michigan Ave. and Brooklyn during the parade Sunday. He says he saw LeDuff urinating, not behind the tent, but on the street.

"He was actually urinating out in public, on the curb," said Bernard. "I mean, he saw him and people were taking pictures, and so forth, and people who were in this private event in the tent said, ‘Well, go get him, help him out.'"

They say when they brought LeDuff in the tent more trouble started.

"Three women walk by, who actually are Detroit police officers, and very attractive women, and he calls them out, calls them various words that are very unsavory," said Bernard.

And they say when the party host tried to stop the verbal barrage from LeDuff, the two men started fighting.

"The host of the party came over to him and said, ‘Did you really say what you just said?' And he said, ‘Yeah, I said it.' And then he spit in his face. He spit in the host's face," said Bernard.

That's when the security guard tried to separate the two men.

"Mr. LeDuff then bites down on Sunny's hand causing him significant injury," said Bernard.

They say that it didn't stop there. LeDuff allegedly promised to stop fighting. But once on his feet, he went after the host again. The police report says LeDuff's brother Frank joined the fracas.

"Starting with the comments of course to the women, starting even before that with him indecently exposing himself on Michigan Ave at the curb," said Bernard.

What does Charlie say about all this?

"I'm not really sure," said LeDuff. "I was offered to come have a drink, it turned into a fight, trying to get guys off me and my brother, and that's the way it is. No hard feeling on my end."

But the man who claims he was bitten has filed the police report and is now asking if LeDuff will be held responsible for actions that the victim's lawyer says may be criminal.

"He noticed Charlie Leduff urinating at the curb, which incidentally, if you're arrested for that, they put you on the sex crime registry," said Bernard.

We have placed repeated calls to FOX 2's general manager to find out if he got word of the Sunday event and if they have any comment.  We have not heard back. The Detroit Police Department tells us they are taking the complaint seriously and it is under investigation. They will not comment further until the probe is over.

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