Grant Me Hope: 10-year-old Robert likes camping, drawing, cars and sports


The love of muscle cars is one passion this Fifth grader has – especially when it comes to one particular iconic Ford vehicle.

“My favorite car is a Mustang,” said 10-year-old Robert.

He enjoys sketching cars.  In fact, he likes to dream up new kinds of cruisers.

“I like to draw cars,” he said. “Drawing, writing, coloring, tracing, sketching and designing things.”

He’s a good student who is hard working.

“My favorite subject is math. I like to do homework for fun,” he explained.

He also enjoys being outdoors and staying busy.

“I’m very active,” he said listing what he loves to do. “Fishing, swimming, arts and crafts and sitting by the fire and roasting marshmallows.”

“I get up and do things and do all my chores, and then I get to the fun stuff after I do all my work,” he added.

His case worker said Robert is an “awesome child” who is “a pleasure to be around.”

“Robert loves being outside playing sports or riding his bike,” the caseworkers said.

And he has dreams for his future.

“What would I want to be when I grow up is a police officer and a football player,” said Robert. “Why do I want to be a police officer? I want to help people.”

He also dreams of having a forever family.

“I want a family that cares for kids and wants kids and to take care of them,” Robert explained.

“I would like a Mommy, Daddy, and a brother and a sister. What I’d like to do is take them out and do all that fun stuff that people [do] with their brothers and sisters like going out to eat and stuff and playing basketball and going to the park,” he added.

“Getting a new life and meeting new people and having new friends – that’s what it means to me,” said Robert.

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