Grant Me Hope: 12-year-old Kenneth likes basketball, swimming, math and cars


He has a good imagination and a healthy sense of humor.

 “I like when people call me Money Kenny,” said Kennth with a smile.  “I’m funny. I think I’m funny because they always laugh at my jokes.”

Kenneth is a sixth grader who is confident and sweet.

His interests include lots of sports.

“I like swimming, soccer, and basketball and football,” he explained. “I like the Pistons and I like Michigan State.”

Math is his favorite subject, and he wants to grow up to be an attorney.

He likes to watch Ninja Turtles and Spiderman on TV.

“If I could have superhero powers, I would pick Spiderman powers,”

He’s also into cars . And when asked what his favorites are, he picks a couple of classics from the Motor City.

“My favorite type of car is a Mustang or a Corvette,” said Kenneth.

He’s hoping to find his forever family soon. He’s been waiting in the foster care system since April of 2013.

“I’m looking for a Mom and Dad. I’d like to be an older brother. Yes, I’d like brothers and sisters. I can share and take care of brothers and sisters,” he said.

He also loves animals and is looking forward to having a pet on day.

“I want a dog or a puppy. I can take care of it and feed it and walk it outside.”

He also would love to hang out with his future family at SkyZone or spend some time shooting hoops .


Call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange for more information at (800)589-6273.




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