Grant Me Hope: Abbi Lynn likes the outdoors, writing, & music

DETROIT (WXYZ) - J.K. Rowling and other popular authors may have some competition soon. Abbi Lynn dreams of becoming a novelist one day.

“I like writing,” explained the teenager. “I just kind of like free write – my daily thoughts. I want to be a book writer. I want to write books for teens like about foster care.  I want to meet people who were in foster care and write their stories.”

But if she doesn’t become a writer, she wants to be a therapist.

“I’m always helping people. I’m always giving people advice. I always feel like I’m helping people and putting a smile on their face. I feel like if I can do that just now, I feel like I can do that professionally. That’s just me,” she explained.

She also likes to be outside, go on camping trips, and traveling.

Her social worker says she would love her next adventure to be a trip to Miami because Abbi Lynn describes it as beautiful.

She is also interested in the arts.

“I like dancing. I like singing a lot. I listen pretty much everything,” she said. “My favorite artist is Ariana Grande and Trey Songz.”

She also enjoys animals, but the one she loves the most has special meaning.

“When I was little, my sister got adopted. And so when we were together, me and my sister played tigers. So, that is my favorite animal now because I have not seen her. So, that will always be my favorite animal because my sister is my favorite person in the whole wide world,” she explained.

“It is important for me to have a family that will allow me to have contact with my sister,” she added.

Finding a forever family is Abbi Lynn's ultimate wish.

“I want a Mom and a Dad. I would like a family that we can do movie nights and game nights,” she said.

“I think you should adopt me because everybody deserves a home.  I really want a family because every kid needs a family,” Abbi Lynn added.

“Even if you’re 80 years old, you still need a family no matter how old you are. I’m a good kid, and I want a family,” she said. 

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