Grant Me Hope: Andrew is a 16-year-old who likes sports, enjoys animals, wants to become a mechanic

DETROIT (WXYZ) - He dreams of exploring far-away places or amusement parks and being adopted by a family that could share in his adventures.

Andrew would enjoy traveling just about anywhere.

“[We could] go to Europe, go to Australia, go to the beach, swim, play in the sand, be nice and warm,” he explained.

He also would like to travel to Disney World or Disneyland one day -- to see the characters and ride the rides. 

Whether it’s playing on the beach or shooting baskets on the court, Andrew likes to be outside.

“What I like to do is play basketball, play football, play hockey.  My favorite team is the Saginaw Spirits,” he said.

The 16-year-old explained that he is athletic, and he can be funny.

But he’s serious when it comes to his future.

“When I grow up, I want to have my own house, get a job, and be a firefighter.  I want to be a firefighter so I can save lives,” he explained.

He also is interested in possibly becoming a mechanic.

He really hopes his future will include finding a forever family.

“The reason why I want to be adopted is so I can have a family. I want a family that has a mom and dad and brothers and sisters,” he said.

He’d like an active family that has a dog or a cat – or both! He’d really enjoy family outings to the zoo, too.  

He's really looking forward to sharing future experiences with a family he can call his own. 


If you’d like to adopt Andrew or learn about fostering, you may call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange or MARE at (800) 589-6273. 

You can talk with an Adoption Navigator or learn more about the adoption or foster care process. 

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