Grant Me Hope: Gabby enjoys dancing, hip hop music, science projects, and traveling


From cheerleading to dancing, Gabriella – a.k.a. “Gabby” – takes part with an energized spirit.

Her worker said, “Gabby has a flamboyant personality.”

The 13-year-old foster child is in 7-th grade, and she’s been waiting to be adopted since May of 2016.

“How would I describe myself? Sometimes I’m quiet. Sometimes I’m funny,” she said.

“I like to swim. I like to play outside in pools and stuff,” she added.

In school, she really gets into science.

“I like that you get to do experiments and dissect stuff,” she explained.

She also has an adventurous spirit.

“I like to travel anywhere,” she said.

California is one of her dream destinations. “I’d like to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame,” she added.

Music is also one of Gabby’s loves.

“My favorite singer is Rhianna,” she said and then quickly added, “and Beyonce and Melanie Martinez.”

“I like to dance and sing to hip hop. I want to be a dance teacher first. And I want to make my own business,” said Gabby.

When it comes to dreams of having a family to share her future plans with, she admits she’d like an older brother and sister.

“I really want to hang out. I’d someone to talk to me…and teach me and help me with my homework and stuff. I’m looking for a family that‘s a nice family to take care of me and stuff,” she said.

One of her workers said Gabby would do best with a Mom and a Dad who are experienced parents, but she’d be happy with a single parent household, too.

“I just want a Mom. I’m looking or a Mom who likes to travel and go shopping and go to the park and hang out and spend some time [together],” she said.

If you’d like to find out more about Gabby or the adoption process in Michigan, please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at (800)589-6273.

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