Grant Me Hope: Nick appreciates sports, pets, the outdoors, and traveling

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Nick is proud of his Native American heritage and loves being outdoors.  He really enjoys fishing.

“I caught a large mouth bass. I have the patience for fishing. I like fishing… in Grand Rapids,” he said.

The 17-year-old also likes to go camping and explore new places.

“The place I’d like to travel to is Florida. I would like to go to Disney World,” he explained.

He can be quiet around people, but once he gets to know them he warms up.

“My favorite sport is basketball or football. And I just like the cards. Some of my favorite cards I already have include Michael Jordan,” said Nick.

His case workers say Nick can be very encouraging, caring, and empathetic. His plans for the future include helping others.

“I want to work in assistant living for helping elderly people. I like to help people because I understand how they feel about the past and all that,” he said softly.

As for higher education, he wants to Go Green!

“I would go to Michigan State for nursing. I like Michigan State because blue and yellow makes green, and we’re in the state of Michigan,” he smiled.

He hopes his forever family will share in his interests.

“What’s important for a family to me is that they like the outdoors and they like to explore nature,” he said.

“I want a nice, warm-hearted, welcoming family. It doesn’t matter to me if I have a Mom or Dad or a brother or sister.”

Maintaining his relationship with his brother is important to Nick.

He’s definitely ready to find a forever home.

“What I’m looking forward to most is a caring family,” he added.

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