Ask Dr. Nandi: Weight loss roadblocks you may encounter in your office

(WXYZ) - Studies have shown working in an office can have a negative effect on your health. A few common mistakes like sitting too much on the job can harm your health and your waistlines.

Sitting too much has been touted as the new smoking, it’s that bad for your health. Many office workers sit for 8 hours, 5 days a week. 

This can affect your weight because you’re moving so little. Work stress is another harmful factor because it can trigger the stress hormone cortisol. 

And this can cause sugar cravings. And because you work 8 hours, most likely inside a building, you’re not getting enough sunshine. Sun exposure in some studies have been linked to a lower body mass index.

The American Dietetic Association reports 70% of you eat at your desk several times every week. So you’re not getting much movement in your day and you’re more likely to eat mindlessly which can lead to overeating.  

And many of you aren’t prepared for the rumbling of your stomach. Instead of preparing nutritious snacks, you choose less healthy options from the vending machine or eat out of the office candy jar.

I know everyone is focused and busy at work but you need to make health your number one priority.

Partha’s RX:

1.     Take short walks to stretch your legs.  Head for stairs, not the elevator, and take a brief walk around your building.
2.     Once an hour stand up, or stretch your limbs to get blood flowing.
3.     Pack healthy lunches and snacks with vegetables, fruit and protein.  Be sure to eat in the lunchroom or a common area.
4.     Deal with work stress.  Meditation and deep breathing exercises can help.

Office workers do at times bring in tempting sugar-laden foods to share. Follow my 80-20 rule of thumb. 

80% of the time eat healthy. That leaves 20% to eat what you desire. I suggest you have a healthy lunch or snack first before helping yourself to any high-fat, high-sugar foods. That way you’ll eat less.

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