Help COTS keep homeless people warm and safe this winter

(WXYZ) - 2014 is off to a blistery beginning here in Detroit.  There are men, women and children who are grateful to have been able to find shelter with COTS and they are just as grateful to offer assistance. Unfortunately, they are at capacity.

In just the first two days of this year, COTS has had to turn away 58 people whom they had no shelter available for - 30 of whom were children.

They need your help! Assistance from donors like you helps families to be quickly placed in warm and safe housing, enabling us to accept more people and help them escape the dangerous elements.

Southeast Michigan is experiencing arctic weather.  This weather is bringing some of the coldest temperatures in years, making it dangerous for anyone who has to be outside.

By Monday, we will see dangerous wind temperatures as low as -9 degrees, with a real feel of -20 degrees. At these temperatures, frostbite can happen in a matter of minutes. Your help is needed!

COTS is working with partners to offer alternatives to those whom we cannot provide shelter for.  We have been able to transport them to warming centers, where they are able to stay out of the cold, until shelter is available.

Housing is an urgent priority at any time of the year.  During this bitter cold, it can be a matter of life and death.

Click here to donate to COTS.

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