High school students experience a career in medicine

(WXYZ) - Instead of putting on a high school uniform, 60 students from Detroit's Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine put on scrubs this morning.

They hit the halls of Harper Hutzel Hospital for a chance to experience what it is like to be a doctor for a day.  They went from department to department, learning about the health field.

And then it got intense.

As a nurse told them what it is like to work in the emergency room, there was a commotion in a nearby room.

"Code team!  We need code team southwest!" yelled a worker. 

Nurses and doctors surrounded a woman who appeared to be having a stroke.  The nurse who was talking to students gave them a play by play of a life and death job.

"And then when they told me it wasn't real I was like, 'Oh my gosh! Thank the lord!" said Asia White, a high school junior. 

You might think the fact that hospital staff let students think a skit was reality for a few minutes might leave them feeling mislead.  Instead, it left them feeling inspired.

"I might go into emergency medicine now," said White.  "The rush! The rush was amazing! You just think, 'Wow.  In 30 seconds I could have saved  somebody's life.'"

"I think we did what we set out to do which was to inspire them," said Dr. Patricia Wilkerson-Uddyback, V.P. of Medical Affairs.

"There is an old adage, if you see it you can be it," said Floyd Hardin, the Outreach and Inclusion Manager at the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine, which helped make the event possible.

The experience is one that students who experienced it say will never be forgotten.

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