High school's valuable black history books and other materials found in dumpster

HIGHLAND PARK (WXYZ) - Historian Paul Lee cried when thinking about much of the valuable black history collection at Highland Park's high school that is likely now sitting in a landfill.

Late Thursday night, Lee heard that contractors had been emptying much of the school library's contents into dumpsters as part of a renovation. But Lee says what they have been disposing of are valuable books and other educational materials that took decades to secure in the school's black history collection.

The Highland Park School district is under an emergency manager and The Leona Group, a charter school company, is contracted to operate the city's public schools.

Friday afternoon, Lee and a number of other educators and concerned citizens gave members of The Leona Group and other members of the district's new school board quite an earful.

"Any educator, in their right mind, would never throw away a book," said Debra Humphrey who was elected to sit on Highland Park's school board before an emergency manager took over the district.

The Leona Group's Anthony Hubbard would only tell Action News that their charter school company was not involved in the discarding of the books. Hubbard directed all questions to the office of the emergency manager.

Action New is working to contact Highland Park School District Emergency Manager Dr. Donald Weatherspoon who was appointed by Governor Rick Snyder last fall.

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