High-tech bag tag from Vanguard ID Systems can track luggage

(WXYZ) - New technology could soon make keeping track of our travel baggage a whole lot easier.

Vanguard ID Systems has created a radio-frequency bag tag that could soon vanquish those pesky paper IDs that we're so quick to strap on our luggage--it could also prove to be a much more efficient way to check and track our baggage.

The display on the tag works in conjunction with the customer's smartphone--allowing them to change the display to reflect new flight information.

The E-ink tag contains radio-frequency identification technology and near field communications that makes it possible for customers to use a smartphone app to adjust travel info and track luggage with no battery required.

Vanguard says it's like a digital license plate--sending the customer texts to notify them if their cargo is where it should be. The company worked with the international air transport association to develop the tag.

If this sort of technology becomes widely implemented, getting rid of those paper tags could save airlines a lot of money--and of course a lot of headaches for future travelers.

For more information, go here: http://vanguardid.com/PermanentRFIDLuggagetags.aspx 

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