How a school where 91% of kids had been suspended for violence stopped bullying & fights

Highland Park, MI (WXYZ) - Students at George Washington Carver Academy in the past have acted out with violence.  Last year 91% of the students had been suspended after getting in fights .

Pastor Ovella Andreas with the United Communities of America saw the problem and knew it impacted how much the kids were learning.

She took an idea to four schools including Carver. She asked kids to enter a school competition.

The kids signed the "Students for Peace" pledge.  They promised to be honest, follow directions, and protect the rights of others. 

They then were told they each had 1,000 points.  If they did anything violent, bullied their classmates in class or on-line, or broke the rules at school they lost points.  If they were spotted by a classmate doing something nice in school or even on-line they earned points. 

The competition created positive peer pressure. The four schools then competed against each other.  They all saw results.

George Washington Carver Academy, the school where last year most kids had been in fights, earned the most points.  Highland Park Mayor DeAndre Windom visited them on Friday to congratulate them.

Students say school is no longer full of drama that interferes with learning. 

Pastor Andreas says she plans to take the program to more schools.

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