How bad are Michigan roads?

(WXYZ) - Some of the potholes on area roadways are so bad, they make your teeth chatter. Michigan residents pay an average of $357 dollars a year in unnecessary vehicles repairs because of poor roads.

But are Michigan roads worse than surrounding states?

According to a report by MDOT, the Mitten state invests far lass money on transportation infrastructure than neighboring states.

The numbers look like this: Michigan spends $174.00 per person per capita, Ohio spends $235.00, Wisconsin spends $231.00 and Minnesota spends $315.00.

We talked to both Michigan and Ohio drivers and they both agree, Ohio's roads are in better shape. 

"Soon as you hit the Ohio state line, it's smooth sailing from there, " said Drake Bunkelman.

Experts say until Michigan lawmakers are willing to allocate serious funding to address the state's aging roadways, the problem is only going to get worse and motte expensive to fix.


MDOT Presentation

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