Husband found guilty of wife's murder 30 years later

(WXYZ) - It took the jury less than three hours to convict William Hurst for killing his wife three decades ago and dumping her body in the Gulf of Mexico.

Jeff Earley and his sister, of Michigan, were just kids when their mother Amy Hurst moved from Waterford to Florida to be with her new husband. One day, the 29-year old just seemed to disappear without a trace.

"Just shocking.  It's finally over.  We did our sentence for 30 years. So, he get to do his now," said Jeff Earley.  Earley lives in Grand Blanc now but traveled down to Florida for the trial.

During the trial, the defense argued that Hurst, now 61-years-old, accidentally killed his wife during an argument.  Amy's body was found in 1982, wrapped in a green bed spread and an afghan with a cinder block and chain tied around her waist. 

She had been a Jane Doe until her family connected the dots two years ago.

"Today we got results. He is going to rot in his jail cell," said Amy's sister. 

While looking for answers in his mother's disappearance a few years ago, Jeff found the Jane Doe on a missing persons website.  The green bed spread triggered a memory.

He also recognized the afghan to be similar to one that his grandmother made and his sister also recognized some turquoise jewelry found with the body. 

Jeff contacted Florida police and a DNA sample confirmed that Jane Doe was indeed his mother Amy.

After Hurst was found guilty he was sentenced to life in prison.  He recently had been living in Kentucky.  Earley said he had not seen or heard from Hurst all these years.

Thirty years later, the family finally has their closure and Amy's children can finally stop looking for their mother.

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